About Me

Qasim Rahim, the California-based healthcare professional, sees himself as a believer in the fact that working towards his purpose is an outward reflection of the changes within. No wonder he’s drawn to this Brian Williams quote: “You may find that making a difference for others makes the biggest difference in you.”

First and Second Degrees, Healthcare Leadership and Sales

One thing you can say about Qasim is that he has undoubtedly pushed the envelope in becoming a sales agent. His first degree was in Health Psychology and Criminal Justice, primarily because he was interested in the impulses of the human mind and why most people gave in to them.

But he soon found his love for entrepreneurial challenges and the administration side of healthcare. Partly because he felt that healthcare leadership was just as important as the medical officers running the show and could have more impact with sustainable leadership behind them, this led him to obtain a dual Master’s Program in Business Administration and Healthcare Administration.

Qasim is widely respected among his peers and medical practitioners due to his dedication to establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with doctors and healthcare executives. His excellent rapport with them has been instrumental to his success as a reputable medical apparatus sales agent — soo much so that he won the Sales Agent of 2017 Award.

Doing it All…

You rarely see people finding their rhythm and retaining their identity. Qasim does not buy into the ideology of giving 50% in the hopes of “finding your rhythm.” He saw every opportunity as a means to excel and attain the maximum level of experience and excellence attainable.

He had this mindset when he took up a role where he was responsible for high-level data analysis in nursing departments. His trail of excellence was magnified once more, winning the Most Outstanding Healthcare Proposal at the University of Alabama conference in 2019.

In 2021, the 31-year-old healthcare leadership expert completed an extensive sales training program with a special focus on selling medical devices. Later that same year, he completed a specialized program in spine and orthopaedic reconstruction, where he’s been leading the charge in making a life-changing impact for patients, creating custom prosthetics for amputees. He’s also known for playing a significant role in the formation of Apex Surgical LLC and Vested Spinal Technologies LLC, two new medical corporations with potentially field-changing impacts.

Qasim’s Goals and Hobbies Making the Biggest Possible Difference

Growing his medical distributorship is one of the many ways Qasim believes in changing the healthcare sector. With a distributorship large enough to service remote healthcare facilities in the U.S., the average American can have accessible and affordable healthcare without needing to travel long distances for basic amenities.

And, if they need to, he hopes to build a reputable medical tourism company to connect healthcare experts and specialists with people who require their services. For Qasim, it’s more about doing anything that remotely advances the quality of life of the average person, even if it means connecting them to practitioners that can remedy their ill health. According to Qasim, the medical tourism company and owning his distributorship are two goals he hopes to achieve in the next ten years.

Like every well-rounded human, Qasim Rahim has some hobbies of his own. When he is not out in the field interacting with healthcare executives and doctors and selling medical supplies to facilities that need them, Qasim is out there trying to solve the nation’s housing problem. He’s been working in his free time to develop and grow his real estate company to provide inclusive shelter.

Qasim’s Favorite Accomplishments

Qasim’s life and actions have been geared toward becoming an essential community member. That’s shown in the majority of accomplishments he identifies as his favourite. Qasim is proud of being able to create innovative products that could potentially improve the way patients go about their daily life. For him, the remote possibility that someone somewhere benefits from his ability to show up gives him the added fuel to do better.

Notwithstanding, being able to show up requires him to be at his best mentally and physically. Recognizing how important this is, he does not hesitate to take short breaks between long periods of actively working. He has been able to travel and explore new countries and cultures during these breaks.

To better communicate his experience to newer sales reps of medical devices, he wrote a book detailing some of his winning principles and philosophies that have shaped his interactions and success in his line of work. On top of that, he’s been accepting to mentor and teach those willing to learn about entrepreneurship.

To cap his impressive accomplishments, Qasim takes pride in the fact that he’s been able to start a foundation.

2023 and Beyond

After building a fantastic career in medical device distributorship in the last couple of years and hitting critical milestones in the previous year, Qasim hopes to keep the ball rolling into 2023 and surpass his past achievements. While his current focus is manufacturing implants and surgical equipment for a startup spine distributorship, he hopes to expand into orthodontics and orthopaedics. Qasim’s growth has been thanks to his overarching need to make a difference in others. With professionalism and an entrepreneurial mindset like his, there is no doubt he’s destined for greater heights.


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